2017 Ronix Koal Classic Fish

2017 Ronix Koal Classic Fish
2017 Ronix Koal Classic Fish 2017 Ronix Koal Classic Fish 2017 Ronix Koal Classic Fish 2017 Ronix Koal Classic Fish 2017 Ronix Koal Classic Fish 2017 Ronix Koal Classic Fish
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Wakesurf klassiker som kan allt. Universal bräda för alla åkare som vill ha äkta surfkänsla. 

Katalog text; Our longest running high end surfers. Not sure if you need something loose and skatey, extra reactive, or a mellow Sunday cruise – and just want an overall fun shape? A fish profiled “fun” board with a deep swallow tail that can easily break free on the top of the lip, yet has the bottom turn drive to get you there quickly. A versatile swallowtail design for toes on the nose stability, frontside airs off the lip performance, and big cutbacks on the wake. New for this year, we added a wider more stable nose design, and a faster rockerline. This speedy shape rides high on the water with a full rail and our exclusive machined core creating more glide speed. Available in 3 lengths covering the spectrum of riders and wake sizes. The Koal’s shape and construction is a perfect ride for us inlanders with wake slashing versatility. The Koal Fish is our most universal surfer using bits and pieces of bits and pieces of most of our other boards.
  • Konstruktion - Classic (se info längst ner på sidan)
  • Profil - Stadandard (se info längst ner på sidan)
  • Rail - Full (se info längst ner på sidan)
  • Längd 5'0" Yta: 1000in2
  • Machined EVA concave pads with arch support and extra tall tail kick
  • Ronix exclusive Fin-S system
  • 2 – 4” and 1 – 3” symmetric fins
  • Handmade by Robots
  • Vacuum bagged with epoxy resin
  • Surfigt erbjudande: Wakesurfing instruktions DVD ingår vid köp av wakesurfbräda.


Storlek  Yta (sq.In) Höjd (Nose/tail) (In) Rocker (Vinkel/Båge) Bredd (In) Åkarvikt (Kg)
5'0" 152cm 1000 4,2 /0,2 26,5/late 21,6 Alla vikter

-Ronix Wake Info-


  • Honeycomb; A high end core for a rider that wants more contact and feel with the water. Some boards might react more – but no construction will give you this much feedback with the water. You know when some of those shoe companies came out with those low profile soles and said it feels like barefoot running? This is how Honeycomb feels for wakesurfing. For this year - a new blend offering even more communication between rider and board.
  • Koal Classic; The foundation for how a high end surfer should be made. Every Koal Classic is made by machining a core for the most precision shape and rockerline, then hand wrapping it in a fiberglass shell, and finally vacuum bagging it to remove any unneeded resin for the lightest, strongest, and most consistent hand lay up at this price point.
  • Hex Shell; Last year we created a torsionally stiffer board using a new material we call Hex Shell. This Hex Shell layup removes any delay that a rider might have on the next move, for the quickest response of any construction in our line. Created for a rider looking for a new molded construction reducing the reaction time between surfer and board. Time is money – and this new core takes away any of the downtime in surfing.
  • Koal Technora; A new innovation in our surfers is the response of Technora - this laminate creates a more reactive overall surfboard than a traditional fiberglass construction. A blend of our standard surfer layup, along with a new lively material bridging the gap between a classic Koal construction and our ultra responsive Hex Shell layup.  For the rider looking for a blend of a smooth response, while still being able to bury the rail, or air off the lip.
  • Marsh"mellow"; Made with a similar core to our other more expensive Koal Surfers – the Marsh”mellow” has a slow roasted cook to it and a soft top exterior. The result is our most advanced recreational creation to date with performance aspects and weight of our surf constructed decks, the durability of a softtop, yet produced for surfers on a budget. Your board accidentally slams into a hard object? No worries, its soft exterior won’t chip or ding your gel coat the way other traditional constructed decks will.
  • Modello; A new core for 2017 for a rider looking for the most durable technology out there.  We make good things, this Modello is one of them.  It’s light, durable, our most affordable, and most of all its got rhythm.  Can’t put a price tag on hip swaggering beats


  • WideRide; The thickest profile in our range coming in at nearly 2”.  Rides higher on the water and with more forward momentum than anyother surfer.  Because it surfs higher on the water with more top water speed she sometimes has a mind of her own giving it the appropriate label - Wildride - no 2 turns will ever be the same.
  • (+)Drive; Has most of the fast push feeling as the Wildride but with a thinner tip profile the board will feel more stable in and out of a turn.  As thick of a tail design as a Wildride board for a rider that wants to jump on the gas and get back into the sweet spot of the wake easily - but still has a thin enough front half for it to feel more reliable.
  • Standard; A rider that just wants the classic feel of a traditional wakesurf cross section - not too thick - not too thin. It has greater feel for the water than its thicker counterparts, but also has more topwater speed then a skimmer.
  • Skimmer; Nearly 1/3 the thickness of the wildride category - a board designed to sacrifice some top water momentum for a board that has the most in feel with the water.  Allowing the rider to surf more like they are on a wakeskate, either using a shallow fin, or no fin at all because the board has so much natural grip with the water sitting that much deeper in the water.
  • Hard; High speed carves for riders that like to really bury the rail.
  • Blended; Accelerated turns combined with a Sunday afternoon cruise rail design.
  • Full; Smooth, predictable arcs for a classic surf feel

FIN-S 2.0 Technology; THE MOST SIMPLISTIC TOOL-LESS SURF FIN SYSTEM. Easily change your fin set-up in just seconds to dial in the performance of your wakesurf board. Ultra light. Springlock Technology makes it very easy to lock-in and remove your fins (just pull back to lock).  

Fiberglass Fins; THE MOST ADVANCED WAKESURF FINS EVER PRODUCED. These new shapes have created the fastest edge transfers and least amount of drag with the water. New for this year, we created 16 new fins all compatible with our new Fin - S attachment system. These fins range in size from a loose skatey 1” all the way up to the 4.5” for the deepest bottom turns us inlanders can create. In addition to 6 new sizes with the cleanest foil out there - they also come in asymmetric design, that have a cupped inside foil which creates noticeably more speed and drive once you initiate a turn.
Hand Shaped By Janson
With nearly 30 years of watersports product development under his belt and well over 1,000 prototypes, Jason is the heart and soul of what any company should strive for in innovation. Responsible for making the first in so many categories over the decades. From the man who shaped the first wakesurf board sold at retail, this year marks his biggest advancement in surfers. For 2017, Jason broke our surfer range down into 4 different profiles, 3 different rail designs, 6 constructions, and 9 new shapes. If it has this signature on it - you know it was created by somebody who understands every aspect of what surfers are truly looking for.


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