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Base Flow with boots used

Base Flow with boots used
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Base Flow with boots used
This product qualifies for free shipping
This product qualifies for free shipping.
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  • Brand: Base
  • Model: Flow
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We are now selling our rental and used boards. So take advantage and buy a board.

Slightly used Base Flow wakeboarding with Team Boot.

Length 137cm, Rip boot in size Xs-M (37-41eu) is on.

Sold in existing condition and with the binding that is on. It is next to new condition. Very nice.

About the board: A wakeboard for all levels. Sturdy and well balanced with a strong Pop (jumps). Just enough grip and with bevelled edges so it does not stick in the water. A large rocker with a soft V-bottom makes landings softer and more stable. a perfect "Allround board" both on and above the water.

Sizing Chart
length Weight range

137 cm45-75 kg

Boots; Team boot, Sizes, Xs-S (35-40),

Solid all-round boot with super comfort and great fit. Durable and tough boot that also can handle cable skiing. Suitable from beginners to professionals.


Base Wakeboards are fun easy-to-ride boards that fits most, even those who already know how to ride. Base products have good function and is of high quality. Affordable products for the usual / normal rider and the whole family.

Beginner; For those of you who have not gone before, or just riding a little and need help with the basics. Easy allround wakeboards for you, your friends or family.
Moderately; For those who can ride but want to get better. Boards to develop on but still allround in his riding style, and that you can share with anyone.
Advanced; For those who can ride and want the best. A board that suits you and has no limits or boundaries.
Wakeboard size is chosen by weight of the rider, to get the right amount of buoyancy at the right speed. Too small board supplies insufficient carrying capacity and an oversized becomes slower and more difficult to manage, especially in the air. If you are between two sizes, it is a better choice to take the larger size. This is particularly true for beginners and intermediate riders.
Recommended speeds for wakeboarding (boat speed), is for adults 15-18 knots. For kids / juniors 12-14 knots. To go faster just makes it more difficult and dangerous.
Rocker? Place the board on a flat surface, that which is not touching the ground is rocker. Large rocker gives higher jumps and softer landings, but is slower in the water. There are two basic forms; "Continuous (even)" provides long and easily controlled jumps. "3-stage rocker" provides high but shorter jumps and are more difficult to manage. Most boards today, a mixture of these two forms ie. "Soft 3-stage" and "Hybrid Rocker".
Hole pattern? How far it is between the screw hole pairs. Both 8 "and 6" pattern is used. You can use a boot with 6 "pattern on a 8" hole pattern board and vice versa but then you can not use all holes.
Fins? How many and where they sit in combination with the size, shape and rocker, is what gives the board its properties. Therefore, one can not say that the two fins is better or worse than, say, 4 fins.

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