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SlalomCourse and Buoys

There is buoys for everyone, both for beginners and elite to build a water ski course with.



-Skimarine Offeciell Water Ski Slalom Course-
Skimarine Offeciell Vattenskid Slalombana
  Measurements Tolerances
A 27,0m 26,865 - 27,135
B 41,0m 40,795 - 41,205
C 29,347m 29,200 - 29,494
D 47,011m 46,776 - 47,246
E 1,25m 1,188 - 1,313
F 11,50m 11,385 - 11,615
G 1,15m 1,035 - 1,265
  259,0m 258,353-259,648

The average of the 6 F-measurements must not be less than 11.48 m

All dimensions are measured to the center of the buoy.


Times the entire the track, Entry buoy - Output buoy
  Minimum perfect Max  
58km/t 16,00 16,08 16,16 (Max speed men)
55km/t 16,86 16,95 17,04 (Max speed ladies)
Intermediate times, Input-buoy 3 (green)
  Minimum perfect Max  
58km/t 6,67 6,77 6,84  
55km/t 7,03 7,13 7,23  
Official slalom boat speeds:
37km/t 40kmt 43km/t    
46km/t 49km/t 52km/t    
55km/t 58km/t      


Pre Gate
Helps to keep the boat in correct position before the course.
Ski tips

The skier passes between the red input / output buoys and around the 6 slalom buoys. The skiing starts with any speed, 37-40-43-46-49-52-55 or 58km / h and 18.25 m


Insta-Slalom, Telescopic tube, stainless steel wire rope, buoys. Insta-Slalom, Telescopic tube, stainless steel wire rope, buoys.
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Brand: Båttillbehör Model: 804040-SS
Easy to pick up and put in. Telescopic booms, buoys, stainless steel wire. (No anchor - no pregates) Insta-Slalom is an AWSA dimensioned slalom course that you can take with you anywhere. It can be set up or removed in as little as 12 minutes! It is great for use as a ..
28,999.00 Kr
Ex Tax:23,199.20 Kr
Brand: Båttillbehör Model: 5510-1-2-3
Buoys for example. waterskiing    Ø23 cm..
299.00 Kr
Ex Tax:239.20 Kr
Brand: Ronix Model: Ronixboatbumper
HAPPY HOUR BOAT BUMPERS Bring on the Flotilla – That’s what we call a big boat tie up. Available in 8”x18” and 10”x24” Small Inflation Valve 4ft Mooring Line..
399.00 Kr
Ex Tax:319.20 Kr
Brand: Båttillbehör Model: 5520-1-4
Buoys for example. waterskiing    Ø 22cm  ..
139.00 Kr
Ex Tax:111.20 Kr
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