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SlalomCourse and Buoys

There is buoys for everyone, both for beginners and elite to build a water ski course with.



-Skimarine Offeciell Water Ski Slalom Course-
Skimarine Offeciell Vattenskid Slalombana
  Measurements Tolerances
A 27,0m 26,865 - 27,135
B 41,0m 40,795 - 41,205
C 29,347m 29,200 - 29,494
D 47,011m 46,776 - 47,246
E 1,25m 1,188 - 1,313
F 11,50m 11,385 - 11,615
G 1,15m 1,035 - 1,265
  259,0m 258,353-259,648

The average of the 6 F-measurements must not be less than 11.48 m

All dimensions are measured to the center of the buoy.


Times the entire the track, Entry buoy - Output buoy
  Minimum perfect Max  
58km/t 16,00 16,08 16,16 (Max speed men)
55km/t 16,86 16,95 17,04 (Max speed ladies)
Intermediate times, Input-buoy 3 (green)
  Minimum perfect Max  
58km/t 6,67 6,77 6,84  
55km/t 7,03 7,13 7,23  
Official slalom boat speeds:
37km/t 40kmt 43km/t    
46km/t 49km/t 52km/t    
55km/t 58km/t      


Pre Gate
Helps to keep the boat in correct position before the course.
Ski tips

The skier passes between the red input / output buoys and around the 6 slalom buoys. The skiing starts with any speed, 37-40-43-46-49-52-55 or 58km / h and 18.25 m


Brand: Båttillbehör Model: 5510-1-2-3
Buoys for example. waterskiing  Ø23 cm..
249.00 Kr
Ex Tax:199.20 Kr
Brand: Ronix Model: Ronixboatbumper
HAPPY HOUR BOAT BUMPERSBring on the Flotilla – That’s what we call a big boat tie up. Available in 8”x18” and 10”x24” Small Inflation Valve 4ft Mooring Line..
399.00 Kr
Ex Tax:319.20 Kr
Brand: Båttillbehör Model: 5520-1-4
Buoys for example. waterskiing    Ø 22cm ..
129.00 Kr
Ex Tax:103.20 Kr
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