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Skimarine Cable

Skimarine Cable

Opening hours

Store and Cable
OPENING HOURS the Cable and Store

The cable park has closed for the season and will reopen spring of 2024.

The store has "call and make an appointment" opening hours. Phone hours 10-17 weekdays.  

* Last drop in to the cable 1 hour before closing. *The shower closes 30 minutes before closing time.*The kitchen closes 60 minutes before closing time.

Welcome to "Skimarine Cable"

Drop in - Just come down and ride

Come to us and get an experience out of the ordinary. Electric powered cable park in Haninge with café & shop!

Come and try / try wakeboard, water ski, kneeboard, wakeskate, etc. or just watch and have a cup of coffee.

Camp summer 2023!

We have camps for everyone. Developing your ride to new levels or learning to ride cable regardless, a camp / course is both fun and good way to do this. For more information click here.

This is what you need to know.

  • No prior knowledge needed, we will teach you the basics. However, swimming is a requirement.
  • No booking required / Drop In. The park is open to all ages, beginners, advanced.
  • Bring your own equipment or rent it on site.
  • Helmet and vest are included if you buy riding straps, all other equipment is available to rent.
  • Guardian Company is required for anyone under 16 years of age.

There is also a café with food, coffee, ice cream and more. Shop with Northern Europe's best selection of water sports. Free parking. Of course we have all the amenities. Changing rooms, toilets, shower and sauna.

Do you want to book a conference, private skiing, party, bridal shower, kickoff, school classes, course or other events with us. Booking or victim inquiries are made via the contact form, or 08 711 08 40. We can also offer accommodation, we recommend Quality Hotel ™ Winn, Haninge.

Prices Riding;

  • 1 hour               245 kr
  • 2 hours             325 kr
  • 3 hours             425 kr
  • Clipcard 10x2 hours 2695 kr
  • season passcard (14 June- 20 August) 4395 kr

Prices for rental equipment;                 1-hour    2-hours    3-hours

  • Wakeboard std (No obstacles)      150 kr         180 kr         220 kr
  • wakeboard Cable Board                 220 kr       260 kr        300 kr
  • wakeboard Cable Pro                      300 kr        450 kr                  -
  • Kneeboard Cable                          220 kr        260 kr       300 kr
  • Combo water skis                           150 kr         180 kr         220 kr
  • Slalom waterski (No obstacles)     220 kr         260 kr        300 kr
  • Wake skate (No obstacles)            120 kr         140 kr        160 kr
  • Kneeboard  (No obstacles)              50 kr            70 kr           90 kr 
  • Wetsuit shorty                                 60 kr          80 kr        100 kr
  • Wetsuit full                                       80 kr        100 kr        120 kr
  • Sup - Inflatable                               100 kr        220 kr                -
  • Sup - Radar                                     200 kr        350 kr                -

Here's how our cable park works An electric and environmentally friendly water sports facility that can be likened to a ski lift on water, a cable goes around in a circle through 5 towers at about 10 meters in height and the rider's rope / handle is switched on at regular intervals. On our cable 5 can go at the same time. But many more than that can utilize the park at the same time. Up to about: 50 people work great. There are obstacles that the more advanced riders can glide or jump on but it is just as good to just enjoy the feeling and rush across the water. Our cable is the world's most modern and the first of its kind. Our supplier of the cable system "WakeParx" has made a system that stands out in that it is more lightweight than other plants from other suppliers. For beginners, this is the easiest and most economical way to get started with wakeboarding / water skiing, our experienced instructors will help you right. The track has a nice lift and stable pull that the experienced riders appreciate. And for them there are also hopes / features to perform tricks on. Of course, the beginner can only stand on a pair of water skis or a wakeboard and enjoy the feeling of rushing across the water.

About us SkiMarine has been around for over 40 years and in 2018 we opened a new water sports center in southern Haninge. A newly built house of 1000 sqm with blah. shop and café. Next to it is our newly excavated lake with an electric cable car for water skiing, wakeboarding and kneeboarding. You can also paddle SUP, swim, snack or just relax. The store has products for you who want something out of the ordinary, from the basic products to the most exclusive and extreme wakeboard, water skis and life jackets available. Products for both beginners and riders who are not found anywhere else. We want to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy the sport we love. In the cable park, the whole family can learn to ride, develop, try different types of equipment and enjoy a fun day in a relaxed environment.

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