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Basextreme HX Semidry 3/2 LQS

Basextreme HX Semidry 3/2 LQS
Basextreme HX Semidry 3/2 LQS
Basextreme HX Semidry 3/2 LQS
Basextreme HX Semidry 3/2 LQS
Basextreme HX Semidry 3/2 LQS
Basextreme HX Semidry 3/2 LQS
Basextreme HX Semidry 3/2 LQS
Basextreme HX Semidry 3/2 LQS
Basextreme HX Semidry 3/2 LQS
This product qualifies for free shipping
This product qualifies for free shipping.
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Sizes XS, S, M, L, XL ,XXL

Wonderfully comfortable semidry suit in thin super stretch neoprene. Incredibly smooth suit and with the right amount of heat. Sealed and durable thanks to the LQS (Liquid Seal) seams, GBS seams and back sealing system (IES). A suit that acts like a second skin and keeps you warm but with minimal resistance. For those with demands for flexibility, regardless of sport.
  • 3/2 mm super stretch neoprene throughout the suit
  • Semidry
  • GBL seams (sealed)
  • Liquid seal system (LQS)
  • Intelligent Entry System (EIS)
  • Knee Pads
  • Adjustable V-neck for comfort
  • Flush leg
Size Table Base 
Length (size) Kg
XS 54-64
S 63-73
M 72-82
L 81-91
XL 90-100
XXL 99-109

Size table is only a guide. E.g. a heavy body shape may possibly go up a size from what the table shows, and vice versa.

BASE Series explanation:

HX series are advanced multi sports wetsuits. HX suits are semidry and has water barrier system (IES). (With the exception of the HX Angus dry suit.) Has super stretch neoprene that provides an extremely good mobility and fit. Allround suits that can handle high demands on flexibility, functionality, warmth and quality. HX series is suitable for most water sports and is also used for swimming, open water, triathlon and swing running as durable training suit.

Base wetsuit Information:

Semidry means that it is almost a dry suit, ie sealed seams, water can only enter through the neck, cuffs and zipper. The advantages of the semidry is; No cold shock when you jump in, it's easy to warm up and retains heat better than a wetsuit does.

Flat lock is a self-locking flat quality seam that is comfortable on the body and is very durable. On all BASE suits that are not GBS.

GBS means Glued and Blind stitched. It is a durable quality seam that is waterproof. A glued seam where the thread is not sewn through the entire material (neoprene).

Liquid Seal is an additional protection of liquid neoprene on the outside of seam. Enhances the stitch that becomes stronger and makes the seam waterproof. Extends the life of an already sealed seam.

Glide Skin is a rubbery surface of the neoprene which does not bind any water and have very little resistance in the water (glides well). It is a very flexible material that allows the neoprene to stretch better. (A little more fragile, so be careful, especially when you put on the suit.)

Super Stretch Neoprene is a 4-way super stretchy neoprene. Very smooth, very comfortable and very little resistance to movement.
Intelligent Entry System (IES) prevents water entering the suit through the zipper and reduces water intake in the throat. It is primarily in the zipper water otherwise enters. IES makes the suit warmer. The actual collar can be cut off if you do not want it. Cut suggestion the seam on the sides of the neck. (Available on all BASE HX suits)
Flush leg clears the trapped water in the leg.

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