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There are boots for everyone, both for beginners and elite. We can Boots so ask us if you need to know anything.

  • Hole patterns How far it is between them molded screw hole pairs. You can use a boot with 6 "pattern on a 8" hole pattern, and vice versa, but then not all holes are used. "Spacer" is available to complement the 6" Ronix boots to fit on 8" boards. Note. adapters do not work on the Ronix brainframe plate.

Have a major focus on the bindings, the binding determines how the board will work. Bindings must be comfortable, durable, lightweight and functional. Try a Ronix or Base binding and you will understand what we mean.

Open or closed toe? Wakeboard bindings with so-called open toe, the toes are sticking out of the front of the boot. In general we can say that this type of  boot have a greater adjustability because they can be tightened more over the foot. Excellent bindings to share with family or a group of friends. Boots with so-called closed toe, looks more like a shoe and cover the entire foot. Usually have a more comfortable and better fit (For the right size.) For those of us who rides in colder water, they are also a bit warmer. It’s possible to share them with some anyone but you need to have nearly the same size and foot shape.

Brand: Base Model: 351300red
Size, OSFM (up to 47eu) "One size fit most" Easy to put on and take off. Large adjustment. Affordable and great for beginners and families. With a hole pattern that fits all. lacing Shock-absorbing footbed 6 "to 8" hole pattern that fits all M6 mm screw includes So..
1,199.00 Kr
Ex Tax:959.20 Kr
Base RIP Boot Base RIP Boot
Sold Out
Brand: Base Model: 352103-05
Sizes, XS-S(35-41), M-XL(39-47)Robust all-round boot with super comfort and great fit. Velcro closure makes it very easy to take on and off.Suitable from beginners to professionals. Velcro Shock absorbing footbed 6" hole pattern M6 (mm) screws stab..
2,599.00 Kr
Ex Tax:2,079.20 Kr
Brand: Base Model: 351503-05
Sizes, XS-S(35-41), M-XL(39-47)Robust all-round boot with super comfort and great fit.Suitable from beginners to professionals. lacing Shock absorbing footbed 6" hole pattern M6 (mm) screws stable..
2,399.00 Kr
Ex Tax:1,919.20 Kr
Brand: Base Model: 35100
Sizes, Mini (35-40), STD (39-45), XL (43-49) Good fit and with big adjustment. Easy to put on and take off.Affordable and great for beginners. lacing Shock-absorbing insole 8 "hole patterns..
1,495.00 Kr
Ex Tax:1,196.00 Kr
2022 Ronix Anthem boot 2022 Ronix Anthem boot
Out of stock
Brand: Ronix Model: 2022RAnthemB
2022 Ronix Anthem bootPEAK PERFORMANCE & ADJUSTABILITYFlex 5/10This premier open-toe boot combines two engineering marvels into one. Built on our MainFrame chassis that adapts to every aspect of a rider’s foot, featuring the most custom fit offered in an open-toe design.  The Anthem is wrap..
3,799.00 Kr
Ex Tax:3,039.20 Kr
Brand: Ronix Model: 2022RAtmosE
2022 Ronix Atmos boot EXPThe perfect blend of leverage, customization and walkability.Flex: 7/10INTRODUCING THE LIGHTEST WALKABLE BOOTThe all-new Atmos EXP is the culmination of 4 years of walkable boot development. From the ground up, the Atmos EXP
offers an all-new walkable Intuition+ liner enclos..
5,199.00 Kr
Ex Tax:4,159.20 Kr
2022 Ronix District boot 2022 Ronix District boot
Out of stock
Brand: Ronix Model: 22RDistrictb
Performance and adjustability from a traditional lace boot.SUPERIOR OPEN-TOE COMFORT & RESPONSEBuilt with our adaptive MainFrame chassis, the District boot recognizes the anatomical contours of your foot for the most customized fit. Constructed with our exclusive Stage 2 high grade foam to ..
3,499.00 Kr
Ex Tax:2,799.20 Kr
Brand: Ronix Model: 22RDivideb
Ronix Divide bootsBeginner to medium level (adjustable) Flex:  4/10 Lightweight, Supportive, adjustable with extra comfort.THE CORNERSTONE OF RONIX FOOTWEARThe leader of lightweight adjustability built on an adaptive MainFrame chassis, the Divide boot continues to push the skills of..
2,999.00 Kr
Ex Tax:2,399.20 Kr
Brand: Ronix Model: 22RDividebJ
Beginner to medium level (adjustable) in Kid size 2-6 us  Lightweight, Supportive, adjustable with extra comfort. THE CORNERSTONE OF RONIX FOOTWEARFlex: 4/10The leader of lightweight adjustability built on an adaptive MainFrame chassis, the Divide boot continues to push the skil..
2,499.00 Kr
Ex Tax:1,999.20 Kr
Brand: Ronix Model: 22RHalob
Ronix Halo bootsAn all-new construction for exceptional comfort and performance.Beginner to advanced level (adjustable)Flex: 5/10These one-of-a-kind, premier open toe boots are built with Stage 2 liners for all day comfort and support that is unrivaled in women’s wake footwear. Built atop ..
3,699.00 Kr
Ex Tax:2,959.20 Kr
Brand: Ronix Model: 22RKinetikPbEXP
Ronix Kinetik Project boot EXPThe ultimate in wake walkability.Advanced levelFlex: 9/10 BULLETPROOF WALKABLE PERFORMANCE.Kinetik Project, a name synonymous with supremacy in cable footwear has a unique layer of durability, Para-Skin - a resilient rubber material designed to hold up to..
5,799.00 Kr
Ex Tax:4,639.20 Kr
2022 Ronix One boot 2022 Ronix One boot
Out of stock
Brand: Ronix Model: 22ROneb
Ronix One bootIF WE COULD ONLY MAKE ONE - THIS WOULD BE ITAdvanced level  Flex: 8/10The GOAT – the greatest of all time is back for another season paying homage to its roots with a premium white colorway. The remarkable comfort of our Intuition+ liner enclosed by the high performing Brain..
5,999.00 Kr
Ex Tax:4,799.20 Kr
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