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8 inch boots

Here we have collected all 8 "(Inch) Boots, We know it sounds complicated, but it's quite simple, are you still unsure about hole patterns or Boots, you can ask us by email or phone.

8 "hole pattern; How far it is between them molded screw hole pairs. You can use a boot with 6 "pattern on an 8" hole pattern boot, and vice versa, but then you can not use all the screw holes. We have bindings that fit both expensive, inexpensive, simple and advanced Wakeboards.

Brand: Base Model: 351300red
Size, OSFM (up to 47eu) "One size fit most" Easy to put on and take off. Large adjustment. Affordable and great for beginners and families. With a hole pattern that fits all. lacing Shock-absorbing footbed 6 "to 8" hole pattern that fits all M6 mm screw includes So..
995.00 Kr
Ex Tax:796.00 Kr
Brand: Base Model: 35100
Sizes, Mini (35-40), STD (39-45), XL (43-49) Good fit and with big adjustment. Easy to put on and take off.Affordable and great for beginners. lacing Shock-absorbing insole 8 "hole patterns..
1,495.00 Kr
Ex Tax:1,196.00 Kr
Brand: Hyperlite Model: 355911-j
Junior Size.  Good support for a small foot. Adjustable in sizes 30-37eu.  8 "hole pattern  Snörrning  Adjustable..
995.00 Kr 1,995.00 Kr
Ex Tax:796.00 Kr
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