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Here are Wakeskate for all, both beginners and elite. We can Wakeskate so ask us if you need to knows anything.

  • Sizes Selected by weight of the rider, to get the right amount of buoyancy at the right speed. A too small board gives for little buoyancy and a large for becomes slow, particularly in air. If you are between two sizes, it is a safer choice to take the bigger one. This is particularly true for beginners and intermediate good riders.
  • Speeds, Recommended boat speeds for wakeskate is the same as for wakeboarding. Ie for adults 15-18 knots. For kids / juniors 12-14 knots.
  • Weight, heavy is good, it is easier to get it to follow you in the air and gives more control.


Brand: Base Model: 316100
Length 43 "/ 109 cm (one size fits all)   The entry-level model, simple easy and affordable. Has everything needed. Soft top Eva works with or without shoes wooden core Screwed fins 2..
1,499.00 Kr
Ex Tax:1,199.20 Kr
Brand: Ronix Model: 242520-22
ELECTRIC COLLECTIVE: BUDGET FRIENDLY PERFORMANCE41"(104cm) Red, 43”(109cm) Teal, 45"(114cm) Yellow The wood constructed alternative concave skate. Created with a smooth, explosive lift similar to the rest of our skates, and with built-in concave/ kicktail for skaters looking for stability and bo..
3,499.00 Kr
Ex Tax:2,799.20 Kr
Brand: Ronix Model: 242530-32
THE ULTIMATE SOUL TURN SHREDDER.Ever wanted to strip everything off a deck, slap some big ‘ol fins on the back, chuck your boots and just go for a soul turn sesh? More surface area and deeper fins than any of our other skates – giving you the stability of your favorite longboard to shred an effortle..
2,499.00 Kr
Ex Tax:1,999.20 Kr
Brand: Ronix Model: 242500-01
Advanced model Ronix The Social 42”(107cm),  45”(114cm) A secondary deck to create more leverage with your tricks.A NEW FUN BOARD SKATE THAT'S GOOD FOR YOUR SOUL.We appreciate good vibes more today than we ever have. There is nothing like the enjoyment of being with your crew of fam..
3,999.00 Kr
Ex Tax:3,199.20 Kr
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