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Inflatables and Tubes

Here's Inflatables and tubes for everyone, both for beginners and elite. We can Inflatables, pumps and accessories so ask us if you need to knows anything.

Tube Care & advice
 never leave a tube in the sun when not in use ( on land ) , because then the risk is that it will be expanding when the tube is heated by the hot air / sun. The inner tube is made of PVC plastic and the trapped air expands as it gets warmer. This can result in a shorter lifespan for your tube or simply result in it to burst , moreover the nylon fabric around the tube is sensitive to prolonged UV radiation from the sun causing the tube may be discolored and durability deteriorates. An inflated tube which is placed in cold water may feel flimsy after a while , the water cools the air which then shrinks and does not fill the tube in the same way . ( A filled tube works and keeps better.) But keep in mind that the air expands again when taken out of the water and getting warmer . Always release some air (approximately 30% ) when taking up the tube so youre tube is safe and dry it in the shade. To prolong the tubes life , store it indoors in ordinary temperature and dont put anything heavy on top of the tube that can create sharp folds ( it can damage tube ) .

Tube Repair inner tube is made ​​of PVC plastic and can be repaired as a normal bicycle tire, as long as it is placed on a flat surface. Is the hole in the middle of a seam, Then it is difficult to repair it, you can then get a new inner bladder. Repair kit comes with all Base tubes, bladder available as a spare. There are also quick mending kits and extra repair kits.
Base Tube Cushion, Round and Triangular
Tube Base Cushion, Round and Triangular They are placed in the middle of a round or triangular tube. What are the cushions for? First and foremost, for child safety and comfort. The kids come up a bit and then reach the handles. The cushions also protect the butt from hitting the water hard and makes the trip much more comfortable. Also the tube will level faster and glides more easily on the water.
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