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Ronix Code55 boot 6-7us

Ronix Code55 boot 6-7us
Ronix Code55 boot 6-7us
Ronix Code55 boot 6-7us
Ronix Code55 boot 6-7us
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Ronix Code55 boot 6-7us
Ronix Code55 boot 6-7us
Ronix Code55 boot 6-7us
Ronix Code55 boot 6-7us
Ronix Code55 boot 6-7us
This product qualifies for free shipping
This product qualifies for free shipping.
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  • Brand: Ronix
  • Model: 32code5515
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Advanced level
Support and maximum power transfer enables you to have total control. The same comfort and low weight as you get in all Ronix pro-boots. It also has the amazing brainframe which among other things makes it possible to replace the inner boot. A high tech and sustainable miracles that also is possible to change the color of. You can do this by buying Ronix Color Pack. Sizes between 6US (38eu) to 14us (48eu), see table below.
  • Baseless plate with 6"
  • M6 Screws included
  • BrainFrame
  • Double-last for the perfect fit 
  • "Intuition" Moldable inner boot 
  • J-bar 
  • "Duratech" durable material 
  • "Ballistic Nylon" 
  • "Double Stuff" footbed 
  • "Rad" cushioning in the sole 
  • "Feetbelts" for extra heel stronghold 
  • Double x lacing 
  • closed toe 
  • Flex 8
  • Foodbed Feel 3
Size Guide Preston
Us Eu
6-7 38-39
8 41
9 42
10 43
11 45
12 46
13-14 47-48


-RONIX Binding terminology and technology-

Ronix flex scale between 1-10 describes the binding flex. Where 1 is the soft (flexible), and where 10 is rigid (fast reaction) laterally.
Baseless You stand directly on the board. Only a super cushioning footbed. The plate is very light, minimizing heel / toe lift, maximizes energy transfer and control.
Footbed Feel 1-3 indicates how the footpad work. 1 is soft, comfortable and gives a calmer boards. 3 is harder but not less comfortable, but has more cushioning and gives an energetic board. (faster response)
Double stuff footbed Gives the foot a more natural and better angle. Stiff on the outside and soft on the inside.

Dubbel last (last= aluminum form that binding is manufactured around.) Creates a well-fitting fit without pressure points or gaps.

Brainframe Very stiff plate that makes it possible to change the inner shoe. It also provides more contact with the board and is extremely durable.

Intuition Lightweight inner boot that is preshaped. It can be heated and molded into a perfect fit. (heated by the machine to 120 degrees, which is available in most sports stores.)


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