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Ropes / Handles

Here's Ropes / Handles for everyone, both for beginners and elite. We can Ropes / Handles so ask us if you need to knows anything

Wakeboard ropes, water ski ropes and tube ropes are different and adapted to what they will be used. 

EVA or Rubber Handle?
EVA is soft, you can skip the gloves without getting sore hands. Rubber is durable and keeps improving, you get good grip but it's getting tougher for the hands. For rubber grip recommended water sports gloves that protects and enhances grip.
Sections on the rope or not?
Sections are good. When wakeboarding, one can get closer to the boat where the distance between the waves are smaller (easier to jump over two waves) and even higher. Customizing the line after a boat model and speed. When going on a water ski course is Sections a must. But even when you are pleasure skiing (freeskiing) with 1 or 2 skis, Sections are nice. With a shorter line, you can get higher speed and more competition feel.
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