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Here's Wakeboard ropes and handles for everyone, both for beginners and elite. We can wakeboard ropes and handles so ask us if you need to knows anything

EVA or Rubber Handle? EVA is soft, you can skip the gloves without getting sore hands. Rubber is durable and keeps improving, you get good grip but it's getting tougher for the hands. For rubber grip recommended water sports gloves that protects and enhances grip.
Sections on the rope or not? Sections are good. When wakeboarding, one can get closer to the boat where the distance between the waves are smaller (easier to jump over two waves) and even higher. Customizing the line after a boat model and speed. When going on a water ski course is Sections a must. But even when you are pleasure skiing (freeskiing) with 1 or 2 skis, Sections are nice. With a shorter line, you can get higher speed and more competition feel.

T-wrap, Straight or V-wrap? T-wrap & V-wrap both have an extra handle on the rope to help when you do tricks with wakeboard, which is matter of taste. Straight is the most common and sometimes a braided portion instead of the additional handle. Any trick can be done without additional handle, but it can help when you learn tricks.

Brand: Base Model: 5058
Our standard handle is all that is needed for all wakeboarding. A good rubber grip with a "low-stretch" line. 65 Ft / 20 m Poly-E rope 4 sections 15" handleSilicon End Caps..
499.00 Kr
Ex Tax:399.20 Kr
Brand: Base Model: 5094
Soft EVA handle for good and comfortable grip. low stretch rope. Everything needed for normal riding. 65 Ft / 20 m Poly-E rope 4 sections..
599.00 Kr
Ex Tax:479.20 Kr
Brand: Base Model: 5091
Soft EVA handle for good and comfortable grip. Perfect Team double handles to learn more advanced tricks. 65 Ft / 20 m Poly-E rope 3 abbreviations (4 sections) Double handls 1st 15 " och 1st 10"..
699.00 Kr
Ex Tax:559.20 Kr
Brand: Base Model: 5095
Lightweight handle with soft EVA handle grip for good and comfortable grip. The line is 100% Dyneema / Spectra core with braided polyethylene coating. A non stretch line, ie it dose not affect the balance in the jumps negatively and provide a quicker action and more direct response. 65 F..
1,099.00 Kr
Ex Tax:879.20 Kr
Brand: Ronix Model: 22-246103
A long standing solid handle now has a new molded silicone barlock.END CAP – Molded Silicone BarLockGRIP – Tacky Hide GripDyneema BarLock = less handle rotationExtra tacky grip hide material w/ silicone seam grip closure1.15” Handle diameterT6 Lightweight aircraft aluminum dowelEVA inside handle bar..
999.00 Kr
Ex Tax:799.20 Kr
Out of stock
Brand: Ronix Model: 246100
END CAP - G10 Carbon BarLockGRIP - Synthetic PU Carbon w/ Hide GripG10 Carbon BarLock = less handle rotation15” Synthetic PU carbon w/ 3D molded honeycomb dual density hide grip1.30” Handle diameterT6 Lightweight aircraft aluminum dowelEVA inside handlebar for flotationHandle strung with 12-str..
1,699.00 Kr
Ex Tax:1,359.20 Kr
Brand: Ronix Model: 20-246132-34
COMBO 3.0 FEATURES: Hide With Embroidery Grip Dyneema Barlock (Anti-Roll) 3mm Thick Memory Foam 1.15″ Handle Diameter Strung With Holland 12-Strand Ultra Non Stretch Dyneema Rope Filled Inside With EVA For Flotation Solin Hybrid PE 70ft Mainline With 4..
1,699.00 Kr
Ex Tax:1,359.20 Kr
Ronix One Handle Ronix One Handle
Sold Out
Brand: Ronix Model: ronixonehandtag
Danny Harf's signature handle.END CAP - NEW Honeycomb Nylon BarLockGRIP - Ribbed Textured LycraNylon BarLock = less handle rotation15” Extra tacky hide & ribbed Lycra grip w/ silicone seam grip closure1.25” Handle diameterT6 Lightweight aircraft aluminum dowelEVA inside handle bar for flotationH..
1,199.00 Kr
Ex Tax:959.20 Kr
Brand: Ronix Model: 206144
80 Ft floating hard silicone coated Dyneema mainlineUltra thin round silicone coated coverBuoyant technology - it floats!100% Dyneema coreAbrasion free, snag resistant cover85ft total length including handleOne 45ft sectionSeven total take off sectionsOne - 10ft take off sectionFour - 5ft take off s..
1,399.00 Kr
Ex Tax:1,119.20 Kr
Brand: Ronix Model: 206106-07
T-WRAP HANDLE YOKE SECTION, EVA Grip 3 foot second handle. + 24 Strand Spectra Fusion + 3ft Section+ 4” Wide EVA wrap handle ..
299.00 Kr
Ex Tax:239.20 Kr
Accurate Vivid handtag Accurate Vivid handtag
-50 %
Model: 507301-2
Note. these handles are sold out due to age. Which means the glue on the handle's EVA material is starting to dry. It can last long time or short. However, it is possible to glue it again with glue for EVA. Straight V-Wrap Very good handle smaller diameter, better grip for sm..
199.00 Kr 395.00 Kr
Ex Tax:159.20 Kr
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