Camp summer 2020!

We have camps for everyone. Developing your skiing to new levels or learning to cable regardless, a camp / course is both fun and a great way to do this.

This is how it works, you will receive world-class tips and advice from our talented instructors. It take place exclusively outside regular opening hours. Ie. no other rider except participants may ride. And the camp / course participants may also continue to go for the rest of the day if they want and can. You also get the chance to try out different things if you like, wakeboard, wakeskate, surf, water skiing, kneeboard. It includes loans of equipment such as helmet, vest, wetsuits and what you want to ride on. Lunch is included both days, choose optionally from our menu.

Age and requirements, Participants from 12 years and up. Requirements, you have to be able to swim. (Under 16 with parental company.)

Number of riders, up to 10 participants per camp. First come first served. And sign up is valid only after payment or confirmed booking.

Register, via the website (contact form), or in the shop at the cablepark.

Camp / course times, dates and types,

1) June 29-30 Kl. 10- 13, Open to all. Coach: Sandro Furtado Brlenic

2) July 1-2 Kl. 10-13, Youth camp / beginner camp from approx. 10 years up to 15. We drive lower speed!

3) July 7-8 10-13, Girl camp (as it sounds only for girls) Coach: Eira Jansson

4) July 21-22, 7 p.m. 10-13 Open to all. Coach: Sandro Furtado Brlenic

5) August 11-12 at 4 p.m. 10-13 Open to all. Coach: Sandro Furtado Brlenic

 Price: 1200 SEK incl. two lunches (optional from the menu) and optional drinks to the food.

Coach: Sandro or Eira. (Youth camp is coached by our capable normal staff) Both Sandro and Eira are trained at wakeboard high school and have extensive experience in coaching. Both have competed in the Swedish national team with great success. And they are very nice.

The program, We start at. 10 with everyone getting the equipment they want and need. Then we go through the basics for those who have not tested before, for the experienced we start directly. Then we ride until 13 pm, after which lunch is served. And after that, you can continue to ride for the rest of the open time which starts at. 14 if you want. Same schedule both days.

Do you have questions? Just use the contact form, email, call 087110840 or visit us.

Warm welcome!