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Vests for everyone, both for beginners, elite and children. We can Lifejackets so ask us if you need to know anything.

Life jackets info
Nylon vests are life jackets that are very tough and durable and also usually cheap lifejackets. Some advantages of nylon jackets is that they dry much faster than neoprene vests, usually adjustable sizes, good buoyancy, good protection and they are usually excellent boat vests, ie life jacket suitable to have in the boat.
Neoprene jackets are jackets that is agile and made of neoprene. They sit tight against the body and has very good comfort and mobility. Neoprene vests fits mostly very good for example. Water Skiing and Wakeboarding. But also woorks well with most water sports such. canoeing, jet skiing, windsurfing and kitboarding. They can of course also be used as boat west.
Impact vests Life jackets which provide protection, support and buoyancy to the rider, but is not CE approved life jacket that. These life jackets are usually neporene vests adapted to water sports demands of mobility, protection, etc. and then not meets all requirements as ISO marking requires. Or which may also be the case that they simply have not been tested since this is a complicated and costly classification that also usually means that the vests are not fully adapted to the requirements of watersports use and therefore are not always popular.
Approved life jackets These jackets are approved according to international standard ISO or the older classification EN, for example. EN 393 which means CE50. (ISO has replaced the CE classification, but its still used, it's easier to say.) There are several classes and they are classified by what they intended to, and their buoyancy. See under each lifejacket which class it has.


Model: 17RnxBoyYouth
Size Youth 25-40kg Soft and flexible neoprene impact vest for juniors with much protection and buoyancy. 2 buckles and zipper 2 way stretch neoprene U.S. Coast Guard approvedAn Impact Vest / neoprene vest and jackets for water sports should sit tight for three main reason..
895.00 Kr
Ex Tax:716.00 Kr
Model: 2088
Sizes S, M, L, XL Impact vest with protective qualities. Good flexibility with its many panels. Made with Ronix's exclusive water-repellent material, retains its original weight even after being in the water. zipper front 1 buckle 4-way stretch Water repellent materials..
1,395.00 Kr
Ex Tax:1,116.00 Kr
Brand: Ronix Model: ronixpartyväst18
Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL   Lightweight impact vest with tight fit and very thin. The vest is super smooth and even if it is thin, it has a good protection with its buoyancy block in the new polyurethane material which is highly shock-absorbing. Going a little further down than usual but..
1,495.00 Kr
Ex Tax:1,196.00 Kr
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