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Water Ski Accessories

Water Ski Accessories for everyone, both for beginners and elite. We can accessories so ask us if you need to knows anything.

Brand: Base Model: 252200
Water skis equivalent of training wheels! Makes it a little easier to get started with this stabilizer bar that holds the skis. Fits combos with an insert (screw holes) in the front of the ski. As example. Base and HO's combos. 1pcs of bar 2pcs screws..
145.00 Kr
Ex Tax:116.00 Kr
Brand: Base Model: 751501
Colors: Black with gray gradient or black with blue gradient. Sun / protective glasses for almost all water sports. Has polarized lenses with UV and glare protection. 2 different lenses included and more in a practical and durable case. Adjustable Ends in 4 steps to suit almost every ..
399.00 Kr
Ex Tax:319.20 Kr
Brand: Base Model: 751002
Colours: Black, Silver gray  Sun / protective glasses for almost all water sports. polarized lenses with UV and glare protection.Excellent for sports such. jet ski, boat rides, kayaking, windsurfing, etc.. Adjustable headband UV and glare protection polarized ..
199.00 Kr
Ex Tax:159.20 Kr
Brand: Pro Ski Model: 806500
Fits inboard competition ski boats with a pylon. ..
8,990.00 Kr
Ex Tax:7,192.00 Kr
Brand: Pro Ski Model: 806000
Universal stainless steel water ski / wakeboard pylon for almost all boats. Fitted / removed easily and quickly. Adjustable height 82-144 cm ..
5,995.00 Kr
Ex Tax:4,796.00 Kr
Brand: Radar Model: 39sprayleg
Size: S, M or L  Classic neoprene protection against spray from the water ski. Neoprene ..
195.00 Kr
Ex Tax:156.00 Kr
Radar Tool Kit Radar Tool Kit
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Brand: Radar Model: RdrToolKitset
Bag with tools for the aware rider. Radar special 8 "Digital Caliper. 20 cm so it will suffice. Radar T Handle Allen key. Radar fin measure-set aluminum blades. Radar bag  ..
1,195.00 Kr
Ex Tax:956.00 Kr
Radar trick platte rear Radar trick platte rear
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Brand: Radar Model: 1570
Radars Trick plate for rear bindings to trick skis. The binding is then mounted on the plate. The plate has a hole pattern that fits every trick skis with inserts that we know of. (The insert seated in a square.)You can get it as a complete binding, see Plate with Neo.strap...
395.00 Kr
Ex Tax:316.00 Kr
Brand: Reflex Model: 132000
 Vortex Trick Release är en säker, enkel och smidig release med fäste för vattenskidstång. Håll i snöret och känn när åkaren faller, dra i releassnörret och linan lossnar. Inkl. fäste..
2,995.00 Kr
Ex Tax:2,396.00 Kr
Ronix - Radar Lace Lock
Sold Out
Brand: Ronix Model: 321721
Lace lock for binding laces on Ronix wakeboards boots or Radars water ski boots. 1 pcs ..
35.00 Kr
Ex Tax:28.00 Kr
Brand: Ronix Model: Ronixboatbumper
HAPPY HOUR BOAT BUMPERSBring on the Flotilla – That’s what we call a big boat tie up. Available in 8”x18” and 10”x24” Small Inflation Valve 4ft Mooring Line..
325.00 Kr
Ex Tax:260.00 Kr
Radar Fifty50 surfer Radar Fifty50 surfer
Sold Out
Brand: Radar Model: Fiffty50surfer
FIFTY50 SURFER A water toy like no other, the Fifty50 is the ultimate utility ride. It can be utilized behind the boat to surf or you can let the rope out and carve around, jump the wake or ride it on your knees. When you’re done with the boat for the day, use it in the shallows for goofing of..
2,995.00 Kr
Ex Tax:2,396.00 Kr
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