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Here are wetsuits for everyone, both for beginners and elite. Wet suits for water skiing, wakeboarding, We also have wet shoes and wet suits for sailing, Waterplay, canoeing, surfing, diving, jet skiing, etc.. There are suits and accessories from Base watersports, Base Xtreme (HX), I-Level, Base S-line, Pryde, NPX etc.. We have been selling suits for over 35 years and have knowledge of what is needed to get a warm, pleasant and smooth experience. Here's wetsuit for children, adults, girls and boys.

Base suits are designed to be functional and affordable. Good heat capacity, comfort, fit and quality are some of the cornerstones of the design. Great suits at great prices is the idea. Base today consists of a variety of products and also has specializations Bugs, suits for juniors, Base Xtreme that will cope with the highest requirements and S-line, the newest line that is fully committed to swimming. Test a base suit and you will understand what we mean by good quality and fit at a reasonable price. Our prices and wetsuits stands up well in comparison with all other wetsuits.

Short or long suit? The advantage of the short suit except the price, is mobility, easy to put on and the right amount of heat. It's also a little easier to share with anyone. The advantage of the long suit is warmth and protection, obviously it will be warmer if more of the body covered by neoprene. It is also less flow of water which makes it easier to retain some heat.

Wetsuit, Semidry or drysuit? It depends on how you want to use the suit and what requirements you have for example. heat and agility. Wetsuit is above all less expensive than the other types but also the right temperature for eg. summer use or indoors. Semidry means that it is almost a dry suit, ie sealed seams, water can only enter through the neck, cuffs and zipper. The advantages of the semidry is; No cold shock when you jump in, it's easy to warm up and retains heat better than a wetsuit does. Drysuit is above all good when it is very cold or if you shall be a very long time in cool or cold water. But it can actually become too hot. When it comes to demands for agility. Think of how stretchy material is, more stretch provides more flexibility.
Technologies, size charts and explanations are described under each product.
Base Dis Lady Full suit Base Dis Lady Full suit
New -60 %
Brand: Base Model: ButgFD
Discontinued model/colorSizes 32, 40   Affordable and comfortable ladies fullsuit. Excellent for use in colder water or if you want a hot summer suit. Suitable for all water activity even in the pool. 3/2 mm neoprene flatlock Adjustable neck ..
395.00 Kr 999.00 Kr
Ex Tax:316.00 Kr
Brand: Base Model: 4071
Sizes  36 Warm semi-dry wetsuit. That insulates well and holds the heat over a long time period. 5/3 mm neoprene Semi-dry wetsuit GBL seams knee protection Adjustable V-neck for comfort..
595.00 Kr 1,495.00 Kr
Ex Tax:476.00 Kr
Brand: Base Model: base lycra ls
Lycra shirt with long sleeves. Thin, smooth and cool garments of lycra for water activities. Protects against sun, scuffs and dries quickly. This type of garment is also called Rashguards.Size; S,M,L,XL,XXLColor; Blue, Light gray, Dark gray Sunscreen UV 50 +  4-way Super..
295.00 Kr
Ex Tax:236.00 Kr
Brand: Base Model: Base lycra ss
Lycra shirt with short sleeves like a t-shirt. Thin, smooth and cool garments of lycra for water activities. Protects against sun, scuffs and dries quickly. This type of garment is also called Rashguards.Size; XXS, XS, S,M,L,XLColor; Blue, Light gray, Dark gray Sunscreen UV 50 +&nb..
245.00 Kr
Ex Tax:196.00 Kr
Brand: Base Model: 4083
Sizes 33, 34-35, 36, 37-38, 39, 40-41, 42, 43-44, 45, 46/47 Classic neoprene shoe in very smooth neoprene that keeps you warm. Has a thin durable sole that is covering the heel and the toes. Thin to be flexible and fit in the for example. foot loops (straps) on windsurfing boards...
449.00 Kr
Ex Tax:359.20 Kr
Brand: Base Model: 4081
Sizes 37, 38, 39, 40-41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46/47 Neoprene shoe with a proper sole for all water activities. Sturdy, comfortable and you do not have to change shoes when you go ashore. The sole leaves no black streaks. Very good for example. jet skiing, kayaking and sailing etc.. ..
395.00 Kr 595.00 Kr
Ex Tax:316.00 Kr
Brand: Base Model: 4082
Sizes XS, S, M, L, XL Base neoprene sock 2mm. Excellent and easy to use in bindings, boots and sandals.1,5 mm neoprene0,5 mm nylon Soft neopreneFlatlock seam Size chart : EU US XS 34-35 3-4 ..
199.00 Kr
Ex Tax:159.20 Kr
Brand: Base Model: 4012
Neoprene repair kit. For repair of neoprene products such as. wetsuits and waders. Contains glue for neoprene, neoprene pieces and tape, which is heated on with example. iron is 70 degrees, for a few seconds. 3 grams of adhesive 2 neoprene material pieces of about 10 x 10 cm 2 ta..
39.00 Kr
Ex Tax:31.20 Kr
Brand: Base Model: swimcap
Swimming cap for swimming in silicone without seams with good comfort and regular fit. 100% Silicone No seams, molded in one piece one size..
49.00 Kr
Ex Tax:39.20 Kr
Brand: Base Model: wader
Open-water swimming goggles with advanced design and great fit. Soft silicone frame and nose bridge that provides a good fit regardless of face shape. Silicone Seals and easy size adjustment. Suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Silicone frame Anti-fog lenses wide field of vie..
79.00 Kr
Ex Tax:63.20 Kr
Brand: Base Model: Sirocco
Comfortable Open-water simmask with large field of view. Very soft and thin silicone skirt that hold tightly without having to sit tight. Slim design to provide minimal resistance and good fit. Has very good light intakes and clear glass. The mask covers only the eyes but feels more like a cyclop th..
199.00 Kr
Ex Tax:159.20 Kr
Brand: Base Model: 4090
Size: S / M, L / XL Warm and stretchy neoprene hood with comfortable peached inside. Tight fit to heat well and keep the water off. Stretch 3mm neoprene GBL seams * Peached Heatlock inside..
299.00 Kr
Ex Tax:239.20 Kr
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