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Brand: Base Model: 3120-2115-2215
"Getting Started" model Wakeboard with bindings Track wakeboard package with Cult boot Lengths: 134cm and 139cm Easy-riding and fun family-wakeboarding. A "RIM" design ie a molded wakeboard with fiberglass top and bottom, with embedded reinforcements (rodds). Good grip and sits well ..
3,599.00 Kr
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Base trainers Base trainers
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Brand: Base Model: 105500
Length 47 "/ 120 cm   Water ski equivalent of training wheels. Perfect to teach children water skiing. Pulling skis, first along the shore then after boat. Then remove the aids after hand. For riders up to about 35 kg Draggable stabilizer bar is included. Rope and ha..
1,599.00 Kr
Ex Tax:1,279.20 Kr
Brand: Base Model: 243300
Neoprene trick case that takes up a small space and protects very well. Even as protection inside another case. Also for wakeskate Heavyweight 2 mm neoprene for protection Handles and straps  ..
299.00 Kr
Ex Tax:239.20 Kr
Brand: Base Model: 4257
Size: 60 "/ 152 cm Number of persons: 1-2 Bigger is fun and gives more opportunities. A really durable tube. 4 piece handle with padded grip Full nylon cover with zipper Quick connect (QC) Low attachment point Middle panel for greater air volume & better c..
1,399.00 Kr
Ex Tax:1,119.20 Kr
Brand: Base Model: 425000
Size: 56 "/ 143 cm Number of people: 1   Convenient package with "all in one". A stable triangular shape for the whole family. Here you have everything you need to start riding tubes. Pump up, hook up the rope, attach it to the boat and start riding. Do you want the tube to beco..
999.00 Kr
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Brand: Base Model: 5060
  1 person 900kg/2000Lbs  ..
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Ex Tax:159.20 Kr
Brand: Base Model: 5061
Tube rope for up to 4 person. 1-4 personer 1800kg/4000Lbs..
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Ex Tax:239.20 Kr
Brand: Base Model: 5063
Tube rope for up to 6 persons. 1-6 personer 2700kg/6000Lbs..
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Brand: Base Model: 5215
  1 person 900kg/2000Lbs  ..
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Base Unite Wakeskate/ trick bag
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Brand: Base Model: 2424
Flexible wakeskate bag with good protection. Works well for trickskis. Padded and strong polyester (durable) Handle and shoulder strap One size fit all (That we know of)..
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Brand: Base Model: 3050
Kneeboard with Easy-start systems, the handle can be attached to a hook so that the boat pulls up the board, which simplifies the start. Ideal for the children, the family and beginners. The board is suitable for all riders and sizes. Molded fins and channels "Easy-Start System..
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Brand: Base Model: 5054
Water Sports rope with detachable handle. Comfortable / soft EVA foam makes it softer to hold the handle. A little luxury for a cheap price. 23 m rope, five sections. EVA handle / Aluminum Core   Abbreviations on the rope or not? Certainly abbreviations are..
449.00 Kr
Ex Tax:359.20 Kr
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