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Brand: Radar Model: RadarRamblerHybrid
This Radar Rambler Hybrid Folded Board Shorts features a fabric that is light and dries quickly. Can be used on both land and water as regular shorts or as swimming trunks...
595.00 Kr
Ex Tax:476.00 Kr
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Brand: Radar Model: 22Graviton
2021 Graviton Trick SkiThe Graviton pops clean off the wake, lands soft and moves easily from one trick to another. This is all made possible through CorFlex and a tip and tail tunnel, as well as our GNR Rails. All these updates have resulted in a ski that leaves you with a tight rope and the abilit..
7,999.00 Kr
Ex Tax:6,399.20 Kr
Brand: Radar Model: 254300_fenbox
FinboxFin bladeWing..
999.00 Kr
Ex Tax:799.20 Kr
Brand: Radar Model: Radar "Thanks Herb" hat
Thanks Herb, trucker hat...
195.00 Kr
Ex Tax:156.00 Kr
Brand: Radar Model: RadarColdyHoldy
"Keep your cans cold with our Radar reversible Coldy-Holdy."Fits most jars and bottles and is perfect for a hot summer day when you want to keep your drink cold.One-size...
30.00 Kr
Ex Tax:24.00 Kr
Radar fin för finbox Radar fin för finbox
Sold Out
Brand: Radar Model: 254300_fenblad
Radar fin för finbox..
399.00 Kr
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Brand: Radar Model: 2538
Radar Screw Set for binding For attachment of Radar boot on the aluminum plate. Screwed from underneath through the plate and into the binding inserts. Fits both front and rear bindings Complete set (5 pcs)..
50.00 Kr
Ex Tax:40.00 Kr
Brand: Radar Model: 2537
Radar Screw Set rear binding For attachment of Radar rear binding plate on the ski. complete set..
100.00 Kr
Ex Tax:80.00 Kr
Brand: Radar Model: 2536
Radar Screw Set front binding For attachment of Radar front binding plate on the ski. complete set 6 pc..
100.00 Kr
Ex Tax:80.00 Kr
Brand: Radar Model: 39sprayleg
Size: S, M or L  Classic neoprene protection against spray from the water ski. Neoprene ..
199.00 Kr
Ex Tax:159.20 Kr
Radar trick platte rear Radar trick platte rear
Coming to the season
Brand: Radar Model: 221805-07
Radars Trick plate for rear bindings to trick skis. The binding is then mounted on the plate. The plate has a hole pattern that fits every trick skis with inserts that we know of. (The insert seated in a square.)You can get it as a complete binding, see Plate with Neo.strap...
449.00 Kr
Ex Tax:359.20 Kr
Brand: Radar Model: 254300_t-fin
Wing slalom fin fits most brands such as. Base, radar, Ho. Complete (2 sides and 2 screw)Wing: An adjustable wing attached to the fin. A wing is used for stability and tracking. It's more than a break. We recommend keeping your angle settings between 7 and 9 degrees. More angle o..
599.00 Kr
Ex Tax:479.20 Kr
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