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Brand: Radar Model: 22pulseboot
2022 Radar PULSE boot including aluminum plate. Sizes  5-6, 7-8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13-14 US. Left or Right  The Pulse gives us an extremely comfortable, performance driven, closed toe, asymmetrical boot. A 3D contoured baseplate allows us to seamlessly integrate arch suppo..
2,999.00 Kr
Ex Tax:2,399.20 Kr
2022 Radar TRA Boot 2022 Radar TRA Boot
New Coming to the season
Brand: Radar Model: 22TRAFF
Radar TRA Boot FrontSizes: Kid's (k2-6us)The TRA is a scaled version of our legendary Vector. An absolute ripper of a boot so the junior shredder in your life can have a comfortable, performance boot to swerve in. Feather Frame ChassisWrap Tech Level 1Molded 3D TongueSymmetrical Fit Ra..
1,699.00 Kr
Ex Tax:1,359.20 Kr
Brand: Radar Model: 22-Vapor-A
The cloth palmed counter-part in the Vapor glove line. The Vapor-A offers our grippy Amara palm on the best glove in the market.Features:AriapreneBoa Closure SystemInside Out StitchingDouble Gauge ThreadNeoprene Stretch ZoneAmara PalmPre-Curved Fingers..
949.00 Kr
Ex Tax:759.20 Kr
2022 Radar Vapor Boot 2022 Radar Vapor Boot
New Coming to the season
Brand: Radar Model: 22Vaporboot
2022 Radar Vapor BOA boot including aluminum plate. Sizes 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13-14US. Left or Right  The all-new Vapor boot rewrites what is possible in waterski footwear by creating the pinnacle in hybrid boot technology. For the first time a rigid lower skeleton is connected to ..
3,999.00 Kr
Ex Tax:3,199.20 Kr
2022 Radar Vector ARTP FF 2022 Radar Vector ARTP FF
Coming to the season
Brand: Radar Model: VectorARTPFF
Vector ARTP Feather Frame Built to fit any size foot, the ARTP offers the perfect blend of comfort, support and performance.Smooth very adjustable Rear Toe Plate. Synthetic top Floating Toe Cap for great fit lacingFeather Frame ChassisThe Feather Frame Chass..
999.00 Kr
Ex Tax:799.20 Kr
Brand: Radar Model: 22VectorBOAalu
Radar Vector BOA BootSizes: Small (5-8), Standard (7-11), XL (10-14) US. Including aluminum plate.The Vector Boa packs a punch. Featuring Carbitex CX6 strips to give you ultimate response and a Boa reel to dial in your fit perfectly every time. You’ll be wondering where this boot has been your ..
2,699.00 Kr
Ex Tax:2,159.20 Kr
2022 Radar Vector Boot 2022 Radar Vector Boot
New Coming to the season
Brand: Radar Model: 22VectorFF
Radar Vector Boot framSizes: Small (5-8), Standard (7-11), XL (10-14) US. Front and backA mainstay in our line, the Vector is built for the skier seeking all day comfort without yielding performance. A lightweight and ultra-comfortable platform allows you to forget about your feet and focus on ..
1,999.00 Kr
Ex Tax:1,599.20 Kr
2022 Radar Vice
Coming to the season
Brand: Radar Model: Radar-Vice-22
Lock in and ski longer, the Vice’s unique dowel system transfers strain from the forearms to the wrists in an effort reduce cramping.Features:External Grip DowelInside Out StitchingDouble Gauge ThreadPU Foil Stretch ZoneAmara PalmPre-Curved Fingers..
799.00 Kr
Ex Tax:639.20 Kr
Brand: Radar Model: 2022-Radar-Voyage
Form and function meet to make our affordable Voyage glove.No frills and no fuss make this glove a favorite for those looking to protect their hands and keep their wallet full. Features:Double Gauge ThreadPadded Suede PalmPre-Curved FingersDouble Layered Palm..
499.00 Kr
Ex Tax:399.20 Kr
2022 Total Radar Awesomeness Junior 2022 Total Radar Awesomeness Junior
New Coming to the season
Brand: Radar Model: 2022-Total-Radar-Awesomeness-Junior
The perfect kid’s glove is here.Our T.R.A. glove is custom built to make sure the kids have a glove that fits precisely and will hold up when the going gets tough.Features:Power-Pull Closure SystemInside Out ConstructionDouble Gauge ThreadNeoprene Stretch ZoneAmara PalmPre-Curved FingersConvert..
499.00 Kr
Ex Tax:399.20 Kr
Radar Control 8sec Rope Radar Control 8sec Rope
Sold Out
Brand: Radar Model: 484000
Our most versatile rope, the Control Mainline is ready for you whether you’re skiing at long line or trying to rope your way through 38 Off.80 Strand FiberPre-Stretched8 or 10 SectionsSilicone ID SleevesColor Coded SectionsSimple Cinch Shortening Loops..
649.00 Kr
Ex Tax:519.20 Kr
Brand: Radar Model: 5032
The perfect rope and handle combination, pick one up and you’ll be more than impressed.Straight Team Bar – Blue/BlackDouble Dipped Endcaps64 Strand, 8 Section MainlinePre-Stretched..
899.00 Kr
Ex Tax:719.20 Kr
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