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Brand: Ronix Model: RnxDriversEdTeen
Ronix DriversEd Teen 40-55kg   Soft and flexible neoprene impact vest for juniors with much protection and buoyancy. 2 buckles and zipper 2 way stretch neopren Custom fitted vest U.S. Coast Guard approved Neoprene jackets are jackets that is agile and m..
1,295.00 Kr
Ex Tax:1,036.00 Kr
-20 %
Brand: Ronix Model: 18OneAtrBoard
ONE: A.T.R.  (THE 3-STAGE ICON) Längder: 134cm, 138cm, 142cm, 146cm Designed from the same shape as the One Timebomb, and features the most iconic 3-stage lift using Fuse Stringers, and a profile with the least amount of resistance with the water. This less expensive alternative con..
4,235.00 Kr 5,295.00 Kr
Ex Tax:3,388.00 Kr
Ronix Qurter Til Midnight Board Ronix Qurter Til Midnight Board
-30 %
Brand: Ronix Model: 17QTMBoard
This brand spanking new, hot off the press, versatile Quarter ’Til Midnight can be ridden with no stereotypes.   Finally a women’s board that adapts to the rider instead of having the rider change to the board’s traits. Touch the sky or ride the rail with our best-selling wake/park crossover wo..
2,485.00 Kr 3,550.00 Kr
Ex Tax:1,988.00 Kr
Ronix Vault
-20 %
Brand: Ronix Model: 18VaultBoard
BOAT board (*Blank - pris utan bindningar) VAULT THE BUILDING BLOCK TO WAKEBOARDING Size: 134cm, 139cm, 144cm Wakeboarding is the only board sport where your shoulders and hips are not always parallel with each other. This innovative Vault recognizes that your body ..
2,151.25 Kr 2,690.00 Kr
Ex Tax:1,721.00 Kr
Ronix Fish Skim Modello Ronix Fish Skim Modello
-19 % Sold Out
Brand: Ronix Model: FishSkimModello17
Storlek 4’9”(144cm)    AFFORDABLE HYBRID PERFORMANCE The goal of this shape is to create a more affordable, more durable, rhythm like nothing you’ve ever ridden with the feel of a fish/fun surfer, mixed with a skim like skate feel of a skimboard. The creators of the first..
3,495.00 Kr 4,290.00 Kr
Ex Tax:2,796.00 Kr
Brand: Ronix Model: 212440
A great board to learn all aspects of surfing.A SURFBOARD WITH FOOTWEARA more affordable, durable, rhythm like nothing you’ve ever ridden with the feel of a fish/
fun surfer, mixed with a skate-like feel of a skimboard. Comes with straps for effortless deep-water starts, or wakeboard inspired tricks..
3,995.00 Kr
Ex Tax:3,196.00 Kr
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Brand: Ronix Model: 22socila_42
Advanced model Ronix The Social 42”(107cm),  45”(114cm) A secondary deck to create more leverage with your tricks.A NEW FUN BOARD SKATE THAT'S GOOD FOR YOUR SOUL.We appreciate good vibes more today than we ever have. There is nothing like the enjoyment of being with your crew of fam..
3,499.00 Kr
Ex Tax:2,799.20 Kr
Ronix Bandwagon Impact Ronix Bandwagon Impact
-29 %
Brand: Ronix Model: 2088
Sizes S, M, L, XL   Impact vest with protective qualities. Good flexibility with its many panels. Made with Ronix's exclusive water-repellent material, retains its original weight even after being in the water. zipper front 1 buckle 4-way stretch Water repellen..
995.00 Kr 1,395.00 Kr
Ex Tax:796.00 Kr
Ronix Covert Strl. S
-17 %
Brand: Ronix Model: 19covert
Without a heavy sigh, this vest is a flat traditional construction – but it is has something else – je ne sais quoi. You see this little floatable tiger has a spirit that is just undeniable and comes in at our most affordable value. Fits Standard Torso U.S. Coast Guard approved z..
995.00 Kr 1,195.00 Kr
Ex Tax:796.00 Kr
Ronix Kinetik boot 9us Ronix Kinetik boot 9us
-32 %
Brand: Ronix Model: 18Kinetikboot
Advanced level   Created for a rider looking for the premier cable boot. Maximize full potential board control with softer flex to the inside, but a more rigid outside, allowing you to really lock in a press. Dominik Hernler’s signature boot also uses a a smooth skin liner material ..
3,395.00 Kr 4,990.00 Kr
Ex Tax:2,716.00 Kr
Brand: Ronix Model: 226103
A long standing solid handle now has a new molded silicone barlock.END CAP – Molded Silicone BarLockGRIP – Tacky Hide GripDyneema BarLock = less handle rotationExtra tacky grip hide material w/ silicone seam grip closure1.15” Handle diameterT6 Lightweight aircraft aluminum dowelEVA inside handle bar..
849.00 Kr
Ex Tax:679.20 Kr
Ronix One Boa Strl. S Ronix One Boa Strl. S
-40 %
Brand: Ronix Model: 18Oneboavest
IMPACT JACKET Think of it as an Intuition Liner for your belly. Forms to your chest like no other water garment.  Redesigned by a Manhattan tailor, dropped into a computer and scaled to fit just the right way. Oh yeah did we mention you can fine tune this One even more with our new BOA syst..
1,137.00 Kr 1,895.00 Kr
Ex Tax:909.60 Kr
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