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Brand: Ronix Model: 212441
SOFT TOP DURABILITY MEETS THRUSTERA soft-top constructed surfer combining elements of speed, weight and durability. The result is our most advanced recreational core with aspects of the performance found in our high-end line up, the durability of a soft top, yet produced for riders on a budget...
5,499.00 Kr
Ex Tax:4,399.20 Kr
Brand: Ronix Model: 18PressPlayBoard
PARK Board PRESS PLAY:A.T.R.-S WHO SAYS EVERY PARK BOARD HAS TO BE MADE OUT OF WOOD Längder: 136,3cm, 141,1cm, 146,3cm This cable shredder proves that not every aspect of a cable board has to be soft. This shape has a variable flex along the rocker line with a thicker/stiff..
3,115.00 Kr 3,895.00 Kr
Ex Tax:2,492.00 Kr
Brand: Ronix Model: 18SpringBreak
PARK board SPRING BREAK:NUCORE 2 ALL WOOD WOMEN’S PARK BOARD A cable fun board featuring all over flex, a super clean bottom design and spoonful of added rocker. It feels so different than a traditional board having so much freedom to break loose or really exaggerate a press. ..
3,115.00 Kr 3,895.00 Kr
Ex Tax:2,492.00 Kr
Brand: Ronix Model: 18TopNotch
PARK board TOP NOTCH: NUCORE 2 FOR THOSE THAT WANT THE ENTIRE BOARD TO FLEX Längder: 133 cm, 138 cm, 143 cm, 146 cm A cable fun board featuring all-over flex, a super clean bottom design, and a spoonful of added rocker. For high-end cable riders, the Top Notch is a must in ..
3,115.00 Kr 3,895.00 Kr
Ex Tax:2,492.00 Kr
Ronix Volcom M50 Surf Ronix Volcom M50 Surf
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Brand: Ronix Model: 212451
4'7"/ 140 cmA LEGACY SURF COMPANY COLLABORATING WITH OUR LATEST SURFBOARD MARVELYup – not a typo – Volcom has partnered with Ronix. Since ‘91 when we first heard there was a new stone being washed ashore, we have been so inspired by the creative thinking of Volcom. No brand has had more influence ov..
7,295.00 Kr
Ex Tax:5,836.00 Kr
Ronix Volcom SEA CAPTAIN Surf Ronix Volcom SEA CAPTAIN Surf
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Brand: Ronix Model: 212461
ON THE RAIL DRIVE WITH A LEGENDARY NAMEA new thruster inspired shape for surfers looking for on the gas edge hold. This board has a narrower outline allowing it to sit deeper in the water. The result is a strong edge that will lock into a turn like few boards in our range. For the rider that wa..
6,395.00 Kr
Ex Tax:5,116.00 Kr
Brand: Ronix Model: 212160-63
DISTRICT BOAT BOARDBoatboard (*Blank )Sizes: 134cm, 138cm, 144cm, 150cm Don't be defined to a riding style with this adaptive board.THE CHAMELEON OF CONFORMING WAKEBOARDSThis board with the rare trait of adapting to your style of riding just got an overhaul for 2020. We took one of our b..
2,799.00 Kr 3,495.00 Kr
Ex Tax:2,239.20 Kr
Brand: Ronix Model: RnxDriversEdTeen
Ronix DriversEd Teen 40-55kg Soft and flexible neoprene impact vest for juniors with much protection and buoyancy. 2 buckles and zipper 2 way stretch neopren Custom fitted vest U.S. Coast Guard approvedNeoprene jackets are jackets that is agile and m..
1,295.00 Kr
Ex Tax:1,036.00 Kr
Brand: Ronix Model: 202070-72
VAULT BOAT BOARDBOAT board (*Blank ) Sizes: 134cm, 139cm, 144cmA shape that recognizes your shoulders and hips are not aways parallel in wake boarding.BUILDING BLOCK TO WAKEBOARDING A range that recognizes wakeboarding is the only board sport where your hips and shoulders aren’t alw..
2,299.00 Kr 2,795.00 Kr
Ex Tax:1,839.20 Kr
Brand: Ronix Model: 212252
VISION BOY'S BOAT BOARD W/ GLOW 'N THE DARK TREASURE MAPBOAT Board. Size: 120 cm Every aspect of this boy's shape/construction was designed for stability and performance.THE FUTURE OF BOY’S WAKEBOARDINGDesigned and created by the modern prospect, recognizing that wakeboarding is the only ..
2,299.00 Kr 2,795.00 Kr
Ex Tax:1,839.20 Kr
Brand: Ronix Model: 17cocktailboot
Medium level Want that classic Ronix fit, and don’t feel like spending those extra bucks on our heat moldable liners or Brainframe technology?  The Cocktail is our most affordable closed toe boot.  This new well drink for your lower limbs is preferred by former world champio..
2,395.00 Kr 3,495.00 Kr
Ex Tax:1,916.00 Kr
Brand: Ronix Model: 32code5515
Advanced level Support and maximum power transfer enables you to have total control. The same comfort and low weight as you get in all Ronix pro-boots. It also has the amazing brainframe which among other things makes it possible to replace the inner boot. A high tech and sustainable ..
2,995.00 Kr 4,395.00 Kr
Ex Tax:2,396.00 Kr
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