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Brand: Båttillbehör Model: 5515-6
Buoys for example. waterskiing 0 15cm  L 39 cm..
199.00 Kr
Ex Tax:159.20 Kr
Brand: Båttillbehör Model: 8055_f_Lock
A Fat sack Cap with plug (2pcs)..
80.00 Kr
Ex Tax:64.00 Kr
Insta-Slalom, Telescopic tube, stainless steel wire rope, buoys. Insta-Slalom, Telescopic tube, stainless steel wire rope, buoys.
Sold Out
Brand: Båttillbehör Model: 804040
Easy to pick up and put in. Court, buoys, stainless steel wire rope Insta-Slalom is an AWSA dimensioned slalom course that you can take with you anywhere. It can be set up or removed in as little as 12 minutes! It is great for use as a portable or permanent course. Insta..
22,900.00 Kr
Ex Tax:18,320.00 Kr
Brand: Båttillbehör Model: 5510-1-2-3
Buoys for example. waterskiing  Ø23 cm..
265.00 Kr
Ex Tax:212.00 Kr
Pregates for Insta-Slalom. Pregates for Insta-Slalom.
Sold Out
Brand: Båttillbehör Model: 804050
55 Meter pregate addition - rope included: The line for both ends and 2 pregate PVC sections with buoy lines. (4 buoys not included)..
5,900.00 Kr
Ex Tax:4,720.00 Kr
Brand: Båttillbehör Model: 5520-1-4
Buoys for example. waterskiing    Ø 22cm ..
99.00 Kr
Ex Tax:79.20 Kr
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